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Visual Merchandising - Why We Need It?

The Design Merchants credo is that the shopping experience should be an inspirational one. Retailers need to be ahead of the pack to motivate customers to part with their precious money and visual merchandising is an essential component of this.

Visual merchandising is a strategic tool that helps to transform shoppers into buyers and can increase the average dollar per sale through a range of clever techniques. The power of visual merchandising as a silent selling tool cannot be underestimated.

DM Visual Merchandising
The Art of Visual Merchandising

The creative component of visual merchandising is the X-factor in the success of promoting your brand and business. It can give you that all important competitive advantage that will differentiate your store and brand from those around you. The creative skill of a visual merchandiser helps to implement the analysis, planning and design involved in creating a strong store-selling concept. The visual vocabulary and skills of the visual merchandiser in styling ‘space’ are essential in implementing a visual merchandising strategy.

The Science of Visual Merchandising

The ‘science’ of visual merchandising involves the psychology of shopping and analysis and design of store layouts. Effective visual merchandising strategies layer into the store design and brand and are invaluable to boost sales. Analysis of dollar return per square metre and traffic flow figures are among the many tools available to use.

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