Vintage Christmas Storybook at Look Feel Be

With Whatley Crescent, Maylands being my local high street I was very excited to be asked to do a Christmas window for one of it’s retailers, Look Feel Be (LFB), where I am also a regular customer. Well from the beginning to completion, working on the Christmas window concept for LFB was a very Maylands affair and lots of fun!

Over a glass of wine at Swallow Bar a few shops down, the basic idea was decided upon. Caroline, the owner of LFB, and myself reminisced about Christmas books we read as children and paper dolls that you could change the clothes on. Also wanting to link the Art Deco style of the shop interior and be able to highlight the dressed mannequins we came upon using an illustration that would look like it was cut out of a vintage Christmas book. Keeping the drawing in black and white would allow the window to be easily transformed each time the clothes on the mannequins were changed and also link in with the LFB packaging.

Our second meeting at Mrs S over coffee and cake tweaked a few of the details and then off I went! The tree and fireplace were made and then I got busy in the studio drawing and painting them in our “Vintage Christmas Storybook” theme inspired by a selection of books. I also added the LFB logo on some of the decorations as well as the names of the staff members as a little surprise.

Once we set up the window the final touches were an abundance of LFB presents under the tree, Christmas stockings on the fireplace and mannequins dressed for the festive season!

LFB (6)

LFB (8)

LFB (11)

LFB (12)

LFB (14)