Christmas Window Display: “8 Maids A Milking”

We recently had the opportunity to create a window display for City of Perth’s 12 Days of Christmas Trail. Our assigned theme was 8 Maids A Milking. We took our cue from the festive events of Christmas as well as the current trend for nostalgia in windows overseas. We first wrote a brief synopsis of the story behind the window to help inspire us and to guide us with our choice of layout and props.

The stools are ready and waiting for the 8 Maids. The window display features all the elements necessary for a Christmas celebration of a job well done i.e., all that milking! You see an old farmhouse table, jars of daisies, milk bottles and presents. The nostalgia of a farmhouse Christmas is reflected with textures and tones of white, wood and silver as well as the green of the moss and little fir trees. All that is left is to finish setting the table and to enjoy the day!

Here are some before and during shots of the window being constructed as well as the final result:

Before 1 Before 3

Before 2 Before 4

Before 5 Before 6

Window 1 Window 2

Window 3 Window 4

Window 5 Window 6

Window 7 Window 8

Window 9 Window 10