Christmas Workshop Top Tips

Christmas is an important opportunity to connect with your customer. By inspiring them with amazing displays and windows you are able to engage them with the product or service you have on offer. At our recent Christmas Visual Merchandising Workshop, we covered many aspects that are essential during the Christmas season both in retail and even office spaces. These included aspects such as planning, display techniques and signage just to name a few.

One of our top tips from the workshop was to choose a Christmas theme that is best suited to your market and will also best reflect your brand. From there a plan can be made as to how to merchandise the product when it comes in store. When deciding this some questions to ask are:

• Is your customer traditional, contemporary or fashion-forward?
• What are the current Christmas trends and which ones will work best for your market and customer? (Obviously this will be done months before when planning and buying Christmas stock).
• How do I display these items to create a unified theme rather than it just being a pile of stock?
• Do I have fixtures and props that will show the merchandise in the theme to its full advantage and help to inspire the customer?
• Where is the best location to feature this product in store?
• Which theme will feature most prominently in the window and focal displays? (A window calendar can be a good idea as during the time frame of the Christmas season the window can change several times and therefore different themes or stock can be featured).

Most of all it is important to remember that although Christmas can be a stressful time for staff and customers alike, there should still be the opportunity to have some fun with the visual merchandising in your location.

Photo by Matt Reed from Perth Product Photography