Design Merchants Study Tour

Get ready for a lot of exclamation marks… I have some very exciting news!!!

This May I will be taking part in the Westfield World Retail Study Tour!!! This is an intensive two-week tour of many of the top retail hot-spots and trends from around the world. This year the cities are San Francisco, Seattle, Stockholm, London and Barcelona!

The description given of the tour on their website is that we will “hear from over 50 speakers, visit hundreds of stores, share countless stories and observations with fellow retail passionates, and build a network to last a lifetime. That’s why we call it a mini MBA in retail.” So as you can imagine I am just a little bit excited!!!

It has already been a very busy year with new and existing clients and I am booked up until I go away. I will however, be raring to go from the second week of June with new projects and full of lots of ideas and inspiration!!!

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DM Juliet and Molly

Photo by Songy Knox