A Spoonful of Christmas

The idea for the Christmas window concept for The Margaret River Chocolate Company’s city store window was simple. To capture the childish wonder of Christmas and to celebrate all things chocolate; whether for cooking, gift-giving or just eating straight away!

For this project we created Christmas ornaments made of wooden spoons and staged the scene on a farmhouse table, abundant with chocolate goodies in baskets and bowls. Truffle boxes tied with bows in gold ribbon and jars of spoons are dotted throughout the window.

The visual movement created by the circular spoon ornaments and the additional sparkle of the fairy lights is especially striking at night. Finally what is chocolate but “a spoonful of Christmas” and who can resist that?

Spoonful 1

Spoonful 3

Spoonful 4

Spoonful (3)

Spoonful (4)

Spoonful (8)

Spoonful (13)