Trio Christmas Styling

When you are merchandising your business for Christmas the styling, whether in a shop, office or even your home, doesn't always have to be based on the most obvious Christmas trend. It can be created around the style of your business, your brand’s ‘personality’ or the style of your home interior. Once you have established this then you only need to add just enough of a twist to give the customer the feeling of Christmas.

At Trio in Angove Street, North Perth we recently re-merchandised the front area of the store to inject some Christmas excitement and to inspire the customers with festive gift ideas. The overall personality of Trio is warm, eclectic and quirky. It has a French/ European feel from the fabrics and glassware with touches of vintage, fashion and gifts.

A large wooden display cabinet placed near the front door acted as the perfect focal point for some whimsical Christmas styling. In this instance by dressing the cabinet with products that the business already had such as bottles, soaps, notebooks and little deer all that was needed was to add subtle Christmas touches. We used brown paper wrapping with string, green moss to give it depth and warmth as well as Christmas gift ideas such as the calendars. These elements alone do not scream Christmas but together they evoke a feel of the festivities and memories of the season. Whether its recollections of European Christmas storybooks I am not sure but it just worked and customers have responded positively.

Here are the results:

Trio Christmas 1 Trio Christmas 2

Trio Christmas 3 Trio Christmas 4

Trio Christmas 5 Trio Christmas 6

Oh and to let you in on a little secret, there is a very exciting collaboration in the works between Trio and Design Merchants. We will let you know more in the New Year but all we can say for now is - Styling Workshops (retail and interior). We’ll keep you posted…

In the meantime have a lovely Christmas and New Year - from Design Merchants.