VM Workshop Series Recap

Well, we had a very successful series of visual merchandising (VM) workshops during February and March, and thanks to all those who attended! These were all held in the Design Merchants Studio and topics ranged from our introductory workshop- ‘VM for Beginners’ to the more intermediate ones, ‘Creating Beautiful Groupings’ and ‘Recycle, Reuse, Revamp: Creating inspiring in-store displays’.

The first workshop provided a strong understanding of the value of visual merchandising, the commercial and design principles underpinning it as well as some of the pitfalls retailers fall into with their VM. The second two workshops allowed attendees the opportunity to get more hands-on and create their own displays as well as learning some of the design theories behind them.

In the ‘Recycle, Reuse, Revamp’ workshop participants were given the option to bring their own products along, allowing them to create displays using different props and fixtures. This proved very popular, with Patricia Fernandes (Ceramic Artist) and Petra Vanessie both enjoying trying different ways to present and merchandise their designs. This will definitely be something we will be offering again later in the year, as it becomes a very cost-effective way of getting VM advice on the best ways to merchandise your brand and product.

Here are some examples of the displays created for the workshops as well as the obligatory photo of Molly!