VM Resolutions

Although I am not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions I think it is essential at this time of year to evaluate the success of your store environment and the store experience your customer receives. When you examine the performance of your business over the past year, are you confident you have maximised the visual marketing of your brand and are using merchandising techniques that enhance your product? Are you attracting your fair share of customer spending and how can you improve this? This is where a list of ‘VM Resolutions’ can help get you off to a fresh start for the year.

As the new year gets underway, resolve to ask yourself questions such as:

  • Have you assessed the opportunities and issues in your store from a visual perspective and how your customer perceives your brand? Getting a visual audit done on your business (which of course we can help you with) can help to identify areas for improvement in your overall visual strategy as well as fine tune merchandising techniques and standards.
  • What are you going to do differently this year in your visual approach to your brand, product and location?
  • Which promotions, window concepts or in-store theatre and displays were successful last year and attracted customers into your location? How can you implement or improve on them this year?
  • How can you harness online and social media and will you have a consistent visual strategy with your physical store, market or office? Successful retailers are moving forward into the online world. They have a consistent visual strategy and message for their brand that links to their brick and mortar stores. This can therefore drive more sales through them. Read the Inside Retail article: WA Retailers Missing Out On Online for more ideas here.
  • Do you educate and inspire your staff in the value of visual merchandising and its impact on your brand in the marketplace?

Choose the most important VM Resolutions for your business then make a plan and timeline as to how you can achieve them. You may decide that you are going to organise training for your staff in visual merchandising or ensure your online store has a consistent visual and branded message to your physical store. Whatever it is my advice is don’t stand still in this ever-changing retail landscape and most of all work out your best strategy for getting noticed.