Visual Merchandising Seminar

Visual merchandising is a powerful tool in the world of retail but can also apply to any area that represents your brand to your customer. Whether a hairdressing salon, car-yard, wholesaler or office, any of these businesses need to employ a visual strategy to successfully represent their brand to their customers. Those who fully understand the importance of a visual strategy and how this can be used to create the best possible customer experience can use it to maximise sales as well as set their brand apart from the competition.

As part of CCIWA’s Smart Seminar series, Juliet Borshoff, from Design Merchants, will be presenting a seminar on visual strategies and merchandising on the 8th May. This is a perfect opportunity to ensure that you are employing all the visual merchandising tools at your disposal to create an outstanding experience for your customer.

Click on the link for more details about the seminar: “Entice, Inspire & Capture - Visual Strategies To Turn Customers Into Buyers”.

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