Zara Bryson Pop-up @ 140

As part of the 140 Pop-up Project we had the opportunity to create a shop design for the Zara Bryson Pop-up. The strong branding and colour palette of Zara Bryson provided many great elements to bring into the large pop-up space at 140. We created a concept design that was colourful and fun with a quirky window decal to catch the attention of passers by. We also provided the concept design for the large square plinth and the pink and black accessory boxes to Dunk n Wagnell who did an awesome job yet again.

Design Merchants have now started hiring out certain niche display props to businesses and the mantelpiece was one of these. This allowed us to create a framed ‘necklace artwork’ above it that could be ever changing as items sold. Zara Bryson worked with Sebastian Alexander who supplied the main furniture pieces and these were incorporated into the design to help create relaxing zones for customers to enjoy while they shopped.

The overall result is a fun and modern lifestyle space that showcases the amazing fashion collections on display.

Front after

Front after 1

Whole store

Fireplace after

side boxes


Boxes after 2

Back boxes detail