Visual Merchandising Seminar

Visual merchandising is a powerful tool in the world of retail but can also apply to any area that represents your brand to your customer. Whether a hairdressing salon, car-yard, wholesaler or office, any of these businesses need to employ a visual strategy to successfully represent their brand to their customers.... Read More...

Styling Workshop

Visual merchandising and interior styling have many elements in common. In essence however they are both about looking at a space or display from a customer’s point of view in order to best engage and inspire them. In a shop the objective is to reflect and promote your brand and product. In your home the goal is usually to reflect your own style and personality and create a relaxed, warm space for family and friends.

Styling Workshop for Your Home


The Countdown to Christmas

For retailers, there is one main event that cannot be ignored on the retail
calendar- Christmas. Although there are predictions this year that it will
not pull customers out of their retail haze, it is still one of the best
bets to get the cash registers ringing...