Miss Brown Vintage Pop-up

Miss Brown Vintage has come on-board the 140 Pop-up Project. We had been very fortunate to be engaged to design and merchandise the store and were excited to work within the parameters of a pop-up shop.

We created a strong focus on the ‘Miss Brown’ branding and the elements they wanted to feature such as the cane-ware and palms - one of the highlights was sourcing the fabulous peacock chairs! At the same time the brief was to create a contemporary setting for the vintage and re-modified vintage clothes. Contrasting the softer elements of the rice paper shades and palms against the industrial space at 140, allowed us to achieve this.

We brought the guys from Dunk n Wagnell on board and gave them a brief of what was needed and they designed and created the fantastic shelving units, counter, handbag display and fitting rooms. As well as this we worked with the wonderful Zebra Creative who produced the window decals.

Here are the results of the concept, design and visual merchandising: