VM Workshop Series Recap

Well, we had a very successful series of visual merchandising (VM) workshops during February and March, and thanks to all those who attended! These were all held in the Design Merchants Studio and topics ranged from our introductory workshop- ‘VM for Beginners’ to the more intermediate ones, ‘Creating Beautiful Groupings’ and ‘Recycle, Reuse, Revamp: Creating inspiring in-store displays’...



Design Merchants VM Workshops February-March 2014

Design Merchants
Visual Merchandising Workshops
February – March 2014

Visual Merchandising (VM) is an invaluable tool for businesses and helps to represent your product in the best possible way. Click here to learn more about our latest series of workshops...

VM Workshops


Melbourne VM Highlights

After a busy week in Melbourne checking out the trade fairs and the many shopping areas I am back in the office reenergised and busy working on current projects. It was so exciting to see the attention to detail that so many retailers were putting into their visual merchandising in particular many of the smaller independents.



Visual Merchandising Seminar

Visual merchandising is a powerful tool in the world of retail but can also apply to any area that represents your brand to your customer. Whether a hairdressing salon, car-yard, wholesaler or office, any of these businesses need to employ a visual strategy to successfully represent their brand to their customers.... Read More...

VM Resolutions

Although I am not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions I think it is essential at this time of year to evaluate the success of your store environment and the store experience your customer receives. When you examine the performance of your business over the past year, are you confident you have maximised the visual marketing of your brand and are using merchandising techniques that enhance your product?

How will you attract your share of these customers this year?


So What is Visual Merchandising?

There often remains a perception that visual merchandising (VM) is just ‘window dressing’ or even worse just ‘making things look pretty’. These out-dated perceptions overlook the value that visual merchandising adds to the customer’s experience of a brand.

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The Countdown to Christmas

For retailers, there is one main event that cannot be ignored on the retail
calendar- Christmas. Although there are predictions this year that it will
not pull customers out of their retail haze, it is still one of the best
bets to get the cash registers ringing...

The Importance of Planning in Visual Merchandising

When undertaking any visual merchandising, whether for a market, shop, event
or expo, it is essential to plan. Without a plan time and money will be
wasted on redoing displays or sales opportunities will be missed if you have
the incorrect fixtures or signage. In the context of the market we have
listed some of our top tips for preparing a market stall for market day in
our latest guest blog for Perth Upmarket: Preparing Your Market Stall for The Big Day.

You can also see our previous guest blog for Perth Upmarket on The Add-on
value of Visual Merchandising in the Market Environment

Perth's Evolving Market Scene

It has been exciting to see the market scene in Perth emerging over the past few years into a fully-fledged arena for locally designed and hand-made products. One aspect that has been encouraging to see is the market stallholders’ awareness and willingness to learn about visual merchandising and its impact on their brand recognition and sales. Having presented several visual merchandising workshops for the market stall holders from Perth Upmarket as well as doing one-on-one consultations, we have seen this first hand...

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