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Visual Merchandising Consulting Services

Design Merchants offer flexible consulting services designed to suit your requirements and budget. Our consulting services may be undertaken on a project by project or ongoing basis.
Our key consulting services include:

 Visual merchandising (VM) consulting
Design Merchants offer consulting as a one off session, on an on-going basis or as part of a larger project. We can come out and give an initial assessment of your overall store experience and make suggestions while we are onsite on how to improve key visual merchandising areas. This may be all that you require but it can also provide a good starting point and lead to identifying further needs and projects. These can include areas such as staff training, new layout design or a revamp with hands-on merchandising services.
 Visual audits
A full visual audit involves us learning about your business and assessing the current visual merchandising standards. We focus on key areas for improvement and make suggestions on how to implement change. Reviewing your business with a visual audit works as a good basis when you are looking to refit or revamp a store. It is also a great way to get staff onboard and lead on to further team building and training.
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 Assistance in store design and layouts for new stores or refits
As well as offering a holistic store design service, we can help with consulting advice if you are looking at a small or large re-fit or revamp of your store. We can offer advice on key elements such as layout, fixtures, finishes and signage elements before and during the process.
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