Our Creative Director Juliet Borshoff, founded Design Merchants in 2011 because of her passion for visual merchandising and the customer experience. Prior to this Juliet spent fourteen years working her way up the VM ranks at Freedom. In the last six years with Freedom she held the position of State Visual Merchandising Manager for WA. This experience provided a strong foundation in commercial visual merchandising which Juliet has channelled into Design Merchants.

Her background is the perfect mix of creative and commercial, with studies and experience in fine arts, interior design, training and project management as well as hands-on retail visual merchandising. This ensures a focus on the bigger picture and the fine details.


The Design Merchants workshop is the light-filled creative space we call home, located in the heart of Bayswater, in Perth WA. 

This is where we brainstorm ideas, designs are brought to life and bespoke props are created for innovative visual merchandising concepts.

You’ll find our team of talented creatives, our collection of props and Juliet’s much loved dog Molly, who has become the Design Merchants mascot.


The talented Design Merchants team boasts a collective of creative specialists with design, commercial and trade experience.

Our commercial visual merchandising background gives us the unique and necessary ability to understand the voice and vision of a business and brand, creating a customer experience to match.

This ensures all our designs and activations not only look amazing, but are implemented with purpose and the drive to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Our team come from diverse creative backgrounds with skillsets to match, allowing for a broad creative outlook. These include:

• Commercial Visual Merchandising
• Fashion Styling
• Interior Design
• Industrial Design
• Fine Arts
• Project Management
• Photography

This is what gives us our unique ability and collaborative creative edge.